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A simple way to think of your brand identity, is to think about your company as a person. Asking the following questions will help you begin to understand what your brand identity could be:
How do you want your company to be perceived?
What values do you want to convey?
What kind of reputation do you want to have?
Our 5 Step process questions to create a Great Brand Identity for you
Creating a brand identity starts with analyzing your business, customers and your market. Here are 5 questions to get you started with creating your brand identity:

Your brand position helps explain your business’s unique value and how it benefits your customer. It should define exactly what your business does, who it's intended for, and why your business is different from competitors.

Your brand promise is what your business is committed to delivering to your customers - every single time. When thinking of your brand promise, consider every person that comes into contact with your business and what's expected of you in every interaction.

This gives credibility to your brand by sharing the history and origin of your business. For example, “Our graphic design company has served companies in Nairobi and upcountry area for over 5 years”.

Also known as “Visual Brand Identity” these are the actual visual devices used for your brand identity. Examples include your tagline, logo and business name.

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